And I Remember…….


You think you know someone but you don’t , no matter how close you are, no matter how close your relation is, there is always something you don’t know. It’s maybe because they keep it from you for your own good. So, we should not praise them nor pity them. When you know someone you remember them even after they are gone.

When we remember the departed souls we don’t only remember them, we remember their struggles, values, sacrifices, adventures and stories. We remember their story of life, full of love, hatred, grief and smiles. Sometimes its difficult to understand how the efforts of a person can influence the conditions and experiences of someone else. Everything in this world is connected just like our body, if we feel pain in one part of the body it affects our whole body. So death of one person affects the whole society, as all of us are interconnected somehow.

Last year on this day a very important person left us. His death was a shock for everyone, he vanished like a blink of an eye. He was finally at peace from all the troubles of this dreadful world. My father was a great man, He was loved and is being loved. He had given us a lot. He made us who we are today, he gave us our own identity. He was the guiding light which shows us the way forward. He taught us how to be a leader and a follower. He taught us all the good values and did his best to make us a better human being.

He was the most gracious person ever. He wanted us to turn out to be as good as him, So he always taught us to differentiate between right and wrong. Every time he told us something we learned new things as his experience was way more than all of us. He was there for us whenever we needed him. He was a kind, pure and lovely soul. He was man of his words.

Its been a year since he left this world, but it still feels like yesterday. He left us too soon, there was still so much for him to see. This was his time to rest and cherish the blessings fully. He did have some regrets in last days of his life but more than the regrets he had things which he was more proud of.

It’s hard to accept the fact that he is gone but that’s the rule of life, it’s the bitter reality. It’s painful to think that we are unable to talk to him. He did not live much years but he lived a life in these years. He was a star, he made his place in heaven. He was one of the perfect souls in this world.

We’ll cherish every moment spent with him for life, there won’t be any time in life where we won’t remember how many times he sacrificed his happiness for our betterment.

Everyone should love and cherish their parents and loved ones till they are around. Once they are gone there is no turning back. Nothing in this world is more important than family. One should cherish the blessings while they have there is no use to cry over spilled milk, you can’t undo what’s once done.

           “He Lived and we Learned”


All you wanna know about BAYAAN



The Superstars

I have always loved music since I was young. I have many favorite bands but BAYAAN is on top since 2015. When I first heard their music I knew that they will not stop making beautiful, soulful music, I knew that they will achieve something great someday. That someday is here as they are on road to get the title of winner of Paksitans biggest musical competition among underdog bands i.e Pepsi Battle Of The Bands season 3(inshallah)

Farda is the song which made me follow this band because of its excellent melody and lyrics, it a complete package.

If you are a Bayaan fan then your’re in the right place. I will write the things i got to know about them. By watching them in Pepsi BOB I saw that they make pleasant music yet they have fun making environment rather in a tensed situation.

Bayaan is the next Big hit believe me!

Formed in 2015, Bayaan’s story can be traced back to the jam sessions of Nescafe Basement. It was during the jam and recording sessions for this show that the future members of the band, all college students at the time, met and became fast friends; their musical chemistry and mutual love for horrible jokes and horror movies, made making music together inevitable. The band comprises of Asfar Hussain , Haider Abbas , Shahrukh Aslam, Muqueet Shahzad , and Mansoor Lashari.

Asfar Hussain:

Asfar Hussain- all the way from the mountains of Chitral (Source Bayaan)

Asfar is the voice of Bayaan, a guy with the sweetest vocal chords. He graduated from NCA in musicology. He has a deep,soulful and sweet amd smooth voice which sings meaningful lyrics making us all emotional on spot. We had sureeli akhiyon walay but now we have Sureeli awaz wala.

Haider Abbas:

Haider Abbas- the shady and mysterious (Source Bayaan)

Haider is the bassist of the band who play bass like a lead instrunment. He is also graduated from LUMS. He was also the part of Nescafe Basement along with shahrukh mansoor and asfar. And he look like enrique alot 😀

Shahrukh Aslam:

Shahrukh Aslam- The man , The machine, the logician (Source Bayaan)

Sharukh Aslam is the guitarist of the band. He graduated from LUMS in political science and now he has to use his political science leadership skills in band by handling all the technicalities and discipline.

Muqueet Shahzad:

Muqueet Shahzad- commonly known as Choco among band members(Source:Bayaan)

Muqueet is the guitarist of the band. He also graduated from LUMS, he is the only band member who was not part of the band in Nescafe Basement but was friends with some of the band members. He is a sweet guy packed up with endless energy working all day long.

Mansoor Lashari:


Mansoor is the drummer of the band.He graduated from LSE(finance). He blends the music so well with a new beat every time. Drumming is a really hard job as we all know that drumming is not a piece of cake. And he is one of the best drummers I heard playing.

Their song Farda was released in 2015(due to which i started following them). According to them,” ‘Farda’ is about hope, looking at the bigger picture of life and finding light in the darkest of times.” well it’s true, it does give us light in our darkest of hours. Farda is a jackpot filled with alot of emotions. It takes you to smooth ride far away from this horrible world where you find inner peace and satisfaction. Their aim was to deliver emotions through music which they fulfilled with Farda.

Farda was made after collaborating over 6 months on a Whatssapp group as all of them were far apart. Who knew that they will make the next big hit on a Whatssapp group and believe me making music on a Whatssapp group is not as easy as drinking a glass of water. There is nothing wrong with Farda or any of their songs, from lyrics to music everything is over the mountain.

The way they play with catchy melodies and write beautiful, soulfull lyrics is the indication of the next vital signs and junoon, only that Bayaan will inshallah stay united forever. They are together to make music, to play with melodies in a way that we fall in love on spot, even if one of them is gone they are broken ,the band cant survive which is the last thing we want. As Muqueet said in an interview and i quote,“For me, being a musician is defined by Bayaan. It’s the people in Bayaan, we have really grown to be brothers and to be involved in such a creative and personal process such as making music with these people, it’s a blessing and I hope to continue it for a long time to come.” well we hope the same thing Muqueet. If anytime in future you seem to have trouble just rememeber your victory song’s line,“Sambhal jao iss sai pehlai kai bohat dair ho jai.”

In the end I just want to say that victory or defeat (which i know you will be victorious), you peeps are legends and you are followed by many people because of the way you make music, from Asfar’s soulful voice to the bands catchy music.

A coal when mined out go through alot of steps to be a diamond. Just like that Bayaan needed a platform to get polished to be a diamond.

All they best for future and may you shine high and be the brightest of stars. Hoping for a crazy album by Bayaan.

….. Saara shehar apni rahaton ki dhun mein bekhabar

Hai magar, ab yeh aksar

Panchi hawaon mein zindagi ke naghme buntay hain

Farda o Farda kya sochta hai………

Source: ofbrownhuesanddarkeyes and Bayaan official (instagram)


My First Blog!

Hey everyone, this is Aimen Shakeel Abbasi, I am not a literature student nor a great writer. As much as I love to write but it scares me at the same moment. I get worried whether someone will like it or not , But now it doesn’t matter because I wont let the critics to shred my confidence anymore. Those critics will not be enough to stop me to write, to share my experiences, to tell everyone what its like to live a life of happiness and hatred from my perspective, they will just build my confidence strong enough to be the best.

I am not much of a deep writer. I am a student, a photographer, a researcher and soon I will be a great writer. By the title you can see that this is my first blog. So, i want you all to enjoy it and help me improve.

I want my first blog to be about Life. The existence of an individual human being or animal. How are we different from animals, animals harm people without knowing  the consequences and they can justify it but how we humans would ?……… On the other side we the humans harm each other being aware of all the consequences and reactions of our acts, still we don’t stay away from it. We keep doing it again and again, hurting our loved ones, being mean to the people who spent their life to make us who we are today and forgetting all the sacrifices of that person who never even distinguished us from his kids.

Look Beyond what you see, go deep into nature and find its real beauty.

You are alive, and so am I. The tree outside my window is. The ice in the fridge is not alive. The computer you’re using to read this article is not alive. The parts of a chair that are made of wood were once alive, but they aren’t any longer neither is the fire made up of wood. What is it for something to be alive. It’s hard to come up with a precise definition of life. Because of this, there are many definitions of life, they just allow us to separate living things from nonliving ones, but they don’t actually pin down what Life is..

In life we do things. Some we wish we had never done, some we wish we could replay a million times in our heads, but they all make us who we are. And in the end, those experiences shape every detail about us. If we were to reverse any of them, we wouldn’t be at the exact place that we are today. So we have to live, make mistakes, and have wonderful times but never ever second guess who you are, where you have been, and most importantly, where it is that you are going. There will be many more adventures. more love, more family. And yes, there will be more loss because that’s just a part of life. And in the end, we can get past it all with hope.

For me Life is a Drama in which there is joy, misery, adventure, thriller and it’s beautiful before the storm of emotions. In every chapter of life we learn a new lesson and in the end its up to us whether we learn from it or run from it.